Writing Experience

Dr. Lori Brown is a professional educational writer for the world’s largest education company. She has a doctorate in leadership, curriculum, and instruction, meaning she’s learned to write about everything from playgrounds and promotions to baptisms and books. As a senior proposal writer she produces documents that may range from 3 to 53 pages on any given day. Lori  is a former teacher and grant writer and has the ability to write across a broad spectrum of text (from academically and statistically focused text to every day jargon). She has even designed Bible studies to use in her local church. Examples of Lori’s writing experiences follow:

  • Blogger for “Askasheville.com” (a travel and tourism site)
  • Guest writer for the GrantProse Inc grants newsletter
  • Devotional writing on her DDM Facebook page (devoteddivministry) or under “Daily Inspiration!”
  • Author of my church’s stewardship letters and communications
  • Peer Reviewed academic article re: violent writing for the Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy
  • Book Review: New Ways in Content-Based Instruction, September 1999 issue of the Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy
  • Contributing Author (1998) – NC Department of Public Instruction’s North Carolina Standard Course of Study For Second Languages
  • Contributing Author –Violence in Student Writing: A School Administrator’s Guide. 2013. Text authored by Dr. Gretchen Oltman.
  • Contributing Writer – 2011-2012. Buncombe County Association of Educators monthly newsletter
  • Contributing Writer – AsktheEnglishteacher.com. 2012. Articles related to the teaching and learning of English at website: http://Asktheenglishteacher.com
  • A 200-page dissertation on the topic of violent writing among high school students (2011)