Daily Inspiration!

As a young child I enjoyed driving my big wheel around the basement. I would spin around the columns as if  the Daytona 500 victory had already been awarded to me. But alas, I never really won a race. Instead, I just kept moving in circles on the concrete floor of our basement, making no significant progress and lacking the crowd’s applause. I can’t help but wonder if our Christian walk is sometimes like my big wheel. We move around in good “church” circles, assuming we’re making great strides in the Kingdom of God, only to realize that our efforts have not resulted in new souls for baptism, impacted church growth, or changed our level of intimacy with the Savior. In other words, we’re moving and doing something, but it’s of little impact on the real world of service for the King. Let’s all work on making our efforts matter, making sure that each step we take serves to draw ourselves and those around us closer to salvation, service, and sweet intimacy at the feet of God.


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